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Burger King sponsors Stevenage FC Women as Burger Queen

Burger King is changing its name in support of the Stevenage women’s football club—it’s marking its sponsorship by becoming “Burger Queen.” Stevenage FC is a small soccer club in League Two of the English Football League, the lowest division. The brand began sponsoring the English football club’s men’s team in 2019. Being sponsored by BK helped the club gain attention, particularly in online gaming after BK launched a challenge for gamers to compete in FIFA 2020 challenges to win food.

Now, the brand is moving on to back the Stevenage women’s club and its new “Burger Queen:” logo will appear on the team’s kit (U.S. translation: uniform) throughout the 2020-2021 season. Burger King’s social channels will also reflect the new mark, and its restaurant in Stevenage will be completely made over as a Burger Queen location.

The stunt will likely generate buzz, but the meatier aspect is that the project projects equity. Burger King is sponsoring the Stevenage FC women’s team under the same terms as it has done with the men’s team, the brand announced.

“The women’s team faces the same challenges and hurdles as the men’s team and it’s only fair that it receive the same support from our brand with an equal sponsorship,” Soco Nunez, marketing director at Burger King UK, said in a statement.

A video that promotes the sponsorship shows the sign outside the Lamex Stadium where the teams play with matchups listed such as “Stevenage FC vs Pandemic” or “Odds” or “Haters” or “Doubters” with the idea that while playing for Stevenage is hard, playing for the women’s team shouldn’t be harder.

David Madrid is the agency behind the campaign and produced last year’s Stevenage Challenge for BK.

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